Welcome to CHAAMP Resources, a growing collection of digital media and teaching resources on the history and of African Americans in the medical professions. You will find here materials for teaching, research, and outreach, to support the efforts of educators, scholars, health professionals, journalists, and persons of all ages. The collection covers the lives and events of health professionals of color in a wide variety of roles, including physicians, dentists, nurses, public health professionals, veterinarians, lay midwives, as well as administrators and public figures. Over time, the site will include materials from the collections of several institutions associated with this rich history. JOIN the CHAAMP community now and become part of the transformation of learning throughout the country.

The COURSES section contains a repository of teaching materials and student contributed course work. These materials are provided P. Preston Reynolds, founder and creator of CHAAMP, and her students. Each course contains a series of learning objectives as well as readings that link to the materials from the Bibliography. These resources are designed to provide a template for your own teaching. The GALLERY includes an indexed collection of photographs from the history of Lincoln Hospital, a Black hospital in Durham, North Carolina, and the various health professionals and persons, both white and Black, associated with the institution. The collection also includes images of leading African American persons and places with links to relevant articles and on-line biographical essays. The TOPICS section contains a comprehensive list of all the people and institutions represented in the materials and resources contained in the site. It serves as both an index to the materials and an encyclopedia of the history of African Americans in the medical professions. Over time, this section will represent an historical snapshot of the evolving social network of African American medicine.
The FILMS section brings together commercially made films on leading African American physicians and other topics, as well as a series of lectures delivered at the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine for Black History Month or Martin Luther King, Jr Celebrations. The BIBLIOGRAPHY section contains a comprehensive list of books, articles, and other resources, with links to Google scholar and specially created reviews by historians and scholars. These items are linked to the Courses.