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This section contains an encyclopedia of people and institutions relevant to the history of African Americans in the health professions. Many of the topics are connected to resources contained in the site, including the Gallery and the Courses.

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Dr. James Rankin Cowan, M.D. Dr. James Rankin Cowan, M.D. Dr. James Rankin Cowan, M.D. Velma Scaintlebury-White, M.D., FACS
Dr. James Rankin Cowan, M.D.


General Surgery


Austin M. Curtis Dr. Louis T. Wright William Montague Cobb Mary Eliza Mahoney
Clarence Sumner Greene Dr. Luther White Jr. William Rich Muriel Harris
Dr. Aaron Moore Dr. Mae Jemison William Wells Brown Nora T. Allen, R.N.
Dr. Albert E. Nesbitt Dr. Matilda Evans Lucille Hart Othello Cave
Dr. Baird U. Brooks Dr. Matthew Walker Alease Wood Rosa Outerbridge
Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Jr. Dr. Max Schiebel Alice Williams Rosebud Roderick
Dr. Bennet Omalu Dr. Midian O. Bousfield Annie Coley Sojourner Truth
Dr. Charles Drew Dr. Natalia M. Tanner Annie Evans Sylvia McNeil, R.N.
Dr. Charles L. Curry Dr. Paul F. Whitaker Clara Miller Theresa Clark
Dr. Charles Shepard Dr. Ralph Coonrad Corona McClary Zella Peery
Dr. Charles Victor Roman Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler Della Rainey Jackson Ida Gray Nelson Rollins
Dr. Charles Wilkinson Dr. Samuel Lee Kountz Dorothy Farley Victor Lightfoot DDS
Dr. Claude H. Organ Jr. Dr. W. Raney Stanford Edith Tan Kersley Haskell Hudson
Dr. Clinton Battle Dr. W.W. Adams Edwina Sellers Mary Arnold
Dr. Clyde Donnell Dr. Walter Jackson Eleanor Malthewson Patricia Tyler
Dr. Dorothy L Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S Dr. William A. Atkinson Elizabeth William Thorpe, RN Vivien T. Thomas
Dr. E.L. Bradock Dr. William A. Cleland Elizabeth Williams Dorothy Prince
Dr. Eleanor Easley Dr. William Coppridge Eloise McKeitha Dr. Alphonso Elder
Dr. Ellen B. Winston Dr. William H. Sinkler Emma Crow Dr. Hollis A. Edens
Dr. Frederick Douglas Stubbs, M.D., F.A.C.S. Ernest Mae McCarroll Etta Young, R.N. Dr. Louis Wade Sullivan
Dr. George Jackson General Otis Howard Evelana Saunders Frank Scott
Dr. George L. Carrington George W. Hubbard Fannie Choates Mary Duke Biddle Trent
Dr. Georgia Rooks Dwelle Henry Floyd Gamble Fostine Riddick-Roach Miss Albertine Mason
Dr. Harry Johnson Henry Mckee Minton Georgia Major Mrs. Mary K. Clay
Dr. J. Street Brewer James McCune Smith Harriet Tubman Larkin Teasle
Dr. James Rankin Cowan, M.D. Jocelyn Elders Helen Black Benjamin N. Duke
Dr. Jane Cooke Wright John Edward Lowry Helen Neal Washington Duke
Dr. John A. Ferrell John Talmage Givens Jessica Sleet William Jesse Kennedy Jr.
Dr. John C. Norman, M.D., F.A.C.S. Julian W. Ross Katherine Carter Miss Patty Carter
Dr. John Hamilton Kenneth Witcher Clement L.B. Thompson Miller, R.N. Christine Hall
Dr. Joseph A. Sylvester Louis J Bernard Lillian Brown Augustus Lushington
Dr. Josiah Trent Martin Robinson Delany Lois Clements Henry Stockton
Dr. Justina Laurena Carter Ford Nathan Francis Mossell Louise LeVielle, R.N. Martin Luther King
Dr. L.W. Upperman Richard Francis Jones Lucille Zimmerman Williams Dr. Ernest Everett Just
Dr. Lena Frances Edwards Solomon Carter Fuller Mabel Keaton Staupers Dr. Percy Lavon Julian
Dr. Leroy Swift Susan Smith McKinney Madeline Gardner Eugene Moss Jr.
Dr. Leroy Young William A Warfield Margaret Davis Dr. Alexa Irene Canady
Dr. Levi Watkins William Harry Barnes Margaret Wilson


Chicago Medical College Training School of North Carolina State Sanatorium (Colored Division) Homer G. Phillips Hospital American College of Abdominal Surgery
Cornell Medical College University of Arkansas Kansas City General Hospital, No.2 American Registry of Radiologic Technicians
Dr. Harold Dadford West University of Cincinnati Kirkwood General Hospital Black Panther Party
Duke Medical School University of Glasgow Lincoln Hospital Carolina Times
Harvard Medical School American College of Surgeons Lincoln Hospital-Duke Hospital Duke Endowment
Meharry Medical College American Medical Association Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital International College of Surgeons
Stanford University School of Medicine Board of Nurse Examiners of the State of North Carolina McRae Memorial Sanatorium Mechanics and Farmers Bank
University of Arkansas School of Medicine Lincoln Hospital Board of Trustees Mercy-Douglass Hospital North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company
Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing Training School of the North Carolina State Sanatorium New England Hospital for Women and Children North Carolina Society of Radiology Technology
Saint Agnes School of Nursing Crippled Children's Program Norfolk Community Hospital Phi Lambda Sorority
University of Pennsylvania Julius Rosenwald Fund Fellowship Old North State Medical Society Women' Auxiliary
Clark College Lincoln Hospital Laboratory Technologist Training Program Philadelphia General Hospital Yale Law School
Columbia University U.S. Nurses Cadet Corps Provident Hospital Baltimore Durham County Health Department
Eastern State Hospital Angier B. Duke Nurses Home Provident Hospital Chicago Santa Filamena
Harvard College Burrell Memorial Hospital Richmond Community Hospital Durham City and County government
Howard University Community Hospital The Holy Family Hospital Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine
John Umstead State Hospital Duke Hospital Watts Hospital NAACP
Lincoln University Duke Veterans Affairs Hospital Whittaker Memorial Hospital NAACP, Atlanta Chapter
New York University Durham County General Hospital Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Lincoln Community Health Center
North Carolina Central University Frederick Douglass Hospital Mt. Zion Baptist Church Army Medical Corps
North Carolina College Freedmen's Hospital White Rock Baptist Church Tuskegee Army Flying School
Stanford University Harlem Hospital North Carolina Medical Care Commission Schering-Plough
Talladega College Harlem Hospital Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority


Tri-State Conference of Black Hospital Administrators Meetings of the administrators of black hospitals in the Carolinas and Virginia Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing Graduation Ceremony Hospital Survey and Construction Act of 1946


Durham, North Carolina North Philadelphia


C.C. Spaulding Prize Dr. J.N. Mills Prize Dr. W.C. Struckwick Prize Miss Carter Prize
Dr. A.M. Moore Prize Dr. S.L. Warren Prize J.E. Weaver Prize


Keith Black Kenneth A. Forde