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John Talmage Givens


John Talmage Givens was born in Aiken, South Carolina and was the Executive Secretary of the NMA for 33 years (1936-1969).  Dr. Givens earned his medical degree from Meharry Medical College in 1912.  He completed his internship at Hubbard Hospital.    He received the Distinguished Medal in 1957.  Many of his colleagues in the NMA regarded him as one of the most charismatic people they have ever met.  Dr. Givens was very busy prompting interest and his loyalty to the Association.  The NMA rarely recognizes Dr. Givens for his position as Secretary because at the time the position was not very attractive.  However, without the time and devotion of Dr. Givens, the association may have collapsed due to insufficient funding.       

Notable Facts

  • Executive Secretary of the NMA