This section brings together commercially made films on leading African American physicians and other topics, as well as a series of lectures delivered at the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine for Black History Month or Martin Luther King, Jr Celebrations.

All Films

Barnett (2000) Ben Carson
Barnett (2001) High Achievers
Barnett (1999) Medical Leaders
Bowers, Bernard (1974) Matthew Walker, M.D
Bowers, Leffall (1976) W. Montague Cobb, M.D
Caporaso, (2004) Traco
Gates (2006) African American Lives
Gates (2006) Charlie Rose
Gracia (2001) Bright Minds
Haynes, Rashad (2003) Bringin' in Da Spirit
Hoffman, Salerno (2012) The Weight of the Nation
Higginbotham, (2009) NIH Black History Month Observance
Jenkins (1997) In Medical Science
Satcher, (1997) Tuskegee Experiment Apology
Smith, Lyons (2007) Forgotten Genius
Smith (2009) Miss Margaret
Stoney, Mason, Butler (1950) Palmour Street (a Study in Family Life)
Wilmer, Parker (1926) TB Sanitorium and Preventorium
Yancy (2002) Asa Yancy, MD