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Louis J Bernard



Born on August 19, 1925 in La Place, Louisiana, Bernard’s mother states that “Luois always wanted to become a doctor. He was always quick to learn at a young age and  was always head of his class in his early private Catholic school days. He obtained his bachelors degree from Dillard University in 1946 and four years later he became an intern at Hubbard Hospital in Nashville. In July Of 1951 Dr. Bernard became active duty in the U.S Army Military Corps in Germany where he was assigned as a surgeon to the 29th Tank Brigade. Later, Dr.Bernard went on to become professor and chairman of the Department of Surgery at the well-known Meharry Medical School. 

Notable Facts

  • "One needs to know something about what goes on in the larger society of which he is a part, and where he fits into society so that he can perform better as a physician after he has completed his training."
  • "They need to know how to read; when I say read I mean read with comprehension."
  • "Come in with a game plan"