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The providence hospital was opened after a black woman, Emma Reynolds, was denied entrance to other Chicago nurse training programs because of her race. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and other community leaders successfully cooperated to fund raise and generate support for the organization of a black hospital that would accomplish two goals: 1. take care of the sick, regardless of color 2. to give black women a noble place to work. Both black and white doctors were on staff. Because Black students were not being admitted to postgraduate medical programs, Provident Hospital became affiliated with the Laboratory of Surgical Technique to provide classes for those students. Provident Hospital’s emergency room became one of the three largest in the city, and the hospital itself started to show a decline in the number of visits after a peak in 1941. Many renovations to the hospital continued, going along with the technological advances of the time. The intern and residency, and nursing programs are all fully accredited.