Topic | Kansas City General Hospital, No.2

Kansas City General Hospital, No.2

01/01/1930 to 11/11/1967


After a flood in June 1903 forced the use of an auditorium in the convention hall to be used as a hospital, Dr. Thomas C I think was inspired to create a hospital specializing in the treatment of black patients and training of black physicians and nurses. In 1908, a new hospital was built to house white patients, and black physicians and patients were given the previously flooded old city hospital. During the years that followed, four black physicians were on staff at the old hospital that many of the white professional staff campaigned to remove the black doctors and interns. Three years after opening, the nursing school associated with the hospital was fully directed by black people. Plans for a new black hospital were approved in 1928. In 1930, this new technologically advanced hospital was opened entirely staffed with black people. Unfortunately, the performance of the new hospital never met expectations due to conflicting political views and poor local race relations.