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Norfolk Community Hospital



In 1915, the 12 bed Tidewater Hospital was built on land donated by Dr. Wil-bur A. Drake (who was also named the Chief of Surgery) and Mrs. Drake, in association with the Tidewater Colored Hospital Association. In 1930, the hospital was renamed the Drake Memorial Hospital after its previous owner, and Dr. J.Q. A Webb replaced Dr. Drake as chief of surgery. In 1932, the Drake Memorial Hospital merged with a Maternity Ward established by the Tidewater Colored Graduate Nurses Association to become the Norfolk Community Hospital, now a 30 bed institution. This new hospital was extremely prosperous and maintained a successful out-patient clinic. A PWA grant was given and in November of 1939, the hospital moved to a 65 bed facility. Soon after the move, the hospital received full approval from the American College of Surgeons. After obtaining a grant under the Lanhara Act, 77 additional beds were added, along with a nurse’s home, power plant and garage. By 1955 , an accredited residency program was established. Under the guidance of Dr. Charles S. Ireland, the hospital’s medical director, residents from the Howard University College of Medicine were soon able to rotate through Norfolk Community Hospital and Freedman’s Hsopital as part of their traning . The hospital was also able to run approved schools of laboratory and radiology technology, and nursing anesthesia. In 1957, Norfolk Community Hospital opened the first recovery room in the city.