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McRae Memorial Sanatorium


As the result of state legislature in 1923, the Thomas C McCrae Memorial Sanatorium began functioning as a 26 bad institution serving black patients suffering of tuberculosis in 1931. Due to the success of the hospital’s treatment of these patients, an extra 10 beds were added in 1933, and another 139 along with a sterilizing room, doctors’ dressing room, and main operating room in 1938. In 1947, the hospital was given two Army surplus houses to include additional activities (a library, auditorium, classroom ,cosmetology school etc.) for the staff and patients. The introduction of newer drugs and surgical treatment decreased the number of applicants from around 600 to 150 in 1960, but a home for children was opened on July 1, 1960. An inpatient clinic was established to take care of special needs such as diabetes and cardiothoracic issues.