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Dr. Mae Jemison



  Mae Jemison, most noted as the first woman of color in space, is a physician, dancer and astronaunt. From her time at Stanford and Cornell Medical College to being apart of the 15 of 2,000 people chosen on the Endeavor Mission, Jemison always strived for greatness and accomplishing her goals. Since her time at NASA in, Jemison has become an activist for higher intrests in science. Her organizations, The Dorothy Jemison Foundation and The World We Share, help to improve intrests in science for generations to come. Her achievements coupled with her activism for more participation in science have shown a diverse group of young scientists that anything is possible with hard work and big dreams

Notable Facts

  • First African American Woman in Space
  • First Woman of Color in Space
  • Apart of the Space Shuttle Endeavor(1992)