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Provident Hospital Baltimore



The founders of Provident Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland hoped for three things: to offer a place where people of color were able to be treated by physicians of their own race, to offer a place where black physicians were able to train, to organize the school of nursing. Attempts at renovation and relocation were unsuccessful due to many financial issues. In 1925 the hospital was renovated to allow room for 35 beds and the institution was able to receive financial help from the Community Fund of Baltimore after promising to make changes to the organizational structure and abide by all regulations. The success of the hospital and the provident method became well-known despite reservations about the ability of black and white medical professionals to work together. The Provident Hospital was able to successfully train numerous black physicians and nurses and became one of 15 black hospitals in which the physician could “qualify as a specialist”. In 1967, construction of the new 280 bed hospital was begun.


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