Topic | John Edward Lowry


John Edward Lowry was a lifelong resident of Flushing, New York.  Dr. Lowry was able to guide a protégé, Dr. William Hewlett to the position of president-elect, a position that Dr. Lowry held twenty years previously.  Although Dr. Lowry later also became a delegate to the American Medical Association from New York, he never become heavily involved in the AMA or the NMA politics.  Dr. Lowry attended the University of Pennsylvania for three years for pre-medical training followed by two years of medical school.  At the time, like most medical schools The University of Pennsylvania did not allow Negro students on the wards where they would examine and treat white women.  He transferred to Howard University School of Medicine for the latter two years of medical training.  Doctor Lowry practiced at Freedmen’s Hospital after his internship residency in obstetrics and gynecology.  He then returned to Flushing and entered the practice of medicine where he has remained.  He was elected membership to the Medical Society of the County of Queens in 1928.  Dr. Lowry’s willingness to serve the public drew him to many community-based activities including serving on the Board of Trustees of the Public Library of the Borough of Queens, The Council for Social Welfare, and served on the Executive Board of the Flushing Interfaith Society. 

Notable Facts

  • Delegate to the American Medical Association
  • the Board of Trustees of the Public Library of the Borough of Queens
  • The Council for Social Welfare