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Harlem Hospital



Upon opening, the Harlem Hospital began serving as a reception center for those waiting to transfer to Ward’s and Randall’s Islands and Bellevue Hospital. Because the 54 bed capacity soon proved inadequate to manage growing demands, the bulding was expanded in 1902 to hold an additional 31 beds. In 1907 a new 150 bed capacity hospital was opened. In April 1915 a Nurses’ Home was opened and the hospital again expanded to bring the capacity to 390 beds. In January of 1935, a new Women’s Pavilion was opened holding 282 beds and 114 bassinettes. By 1962 the hopistal held a 1031 bed cpacticy and 83 bassinettes. Integration of the hospital began in 1919 and by the 1940’s about half of the House and Visiting staff were black. 

Notable Facts

  • Louis T. Wright became the first black physician on staff in 1919


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