Course 3738

AAS 3500: African American Health Professionals and Health Disparities


This course will explore race and its impact on health disparities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing on the history and contributions of African American doctors, dentists, nurses, lay midwives, and public health professionals. Using historical accounts, anthropological and social science analyses, images and primary documents, and scientific and health service research studies, students will learn about health disparities, “race” science and the lack of a genetic basis for “race”, the role and importance of the Black hospital system, barriers to professional training and professional service experienced by African American health professionals, and their efforts to overcome racism in providing medical, dental, nursing, and midwifery care, and to improve the health of Black persons through public health initiatives. The movement to end discrimination in medicine and health professions education will be explored as students investigate the persistence of health disparities today.

Course Work