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Description and Context

Mary Duke Biddle Trent (Semans), grand-daughter of Benjamin N. Duke and great-grand-daughter of Washington Duke, pictured on the right, joined the Lincoln Hospital Board of Trustees in 1948 to fill the seat left vacant from the death of her husband, Dr. Josiah Trent. She remained an active member of the Board of Trustees until the hospital closed in 1976. Every Christmas beginning in ______, Mrs. Trent (Semans) sent a letter to friends letting them know the needs of the hospital and requesting their generosity during the gift-giving seasons. These funds were directed to various areas of need, such as repainting the hospital wards and purchasing supplies for the school of nursing. Shown in this c 1953 photograph are: Mrs. Martha Donnell, wife of Dr. Clyde Donnell, Lucille Zimmerman Williams, R.N, Director of the Lincoln Hospital School of Nursing, and Mrs. Mary D.B.T. (Semans).